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Many  people purchase guns for protection, and if this is the case with you,  we well understand your desire. However simply owning a gun is not  protecting yourself or your loved ones. You must have the requisite  training to safely handle and practice with your firearm. You must also  be familiar with the legal ramifications which may follow self defense.  And in the event of need, you must be confident enough in your abilities  to make a shot under severe stress.

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Our Goal

The  skills taught by Raven Firearms Training (RFT) are designed to bring  resources that are found in other parts of the Country here to the north  country of New Hampshire.  Our goal at Raven Firearms Training is to bring high quality firearms training to the North Country at a reasonable price.


RFT Instructors

RFT  Instructors hold numerous past certifications with the National Rifle  Association, Sig Sauer Academy, and other institutions.  Each instructor  MUST pass an annual Master Instructor re-certification every year in  order to maintain their status.  This course of fire holds them to a  higher standard than their previous certifications.  That is the level  of dedication we have in our jobs, and in our pledge to our clients to  demonstrate and deliver the best training available in the North  Country. 

We at  RFT are competent marksmen, but are never satisfied with our own skills,  nor should you be. That is why we consider ourselves eternal students,  always striving to improve our own skills both as marksmen and as  instructors. We owe it to you to deliver the most up to date and  effective training.

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Due to  the seriousness of firearms training (RFT) reserves the right to refuse service/training to anyone, at the sole discretion of its instructor(s).