Active Shooter/Killer Response for Civilians


This is a full day private course, contact us to schedule

This is  a one day course during which the students will learn how to react to and deal with an active shooter/killer situation.  Course includes the RFT instruction known as:  "React, Evade, and Survive!"  Part of this  course includes instruction on using commonly encountered weapons that may be used in an active shooter scenario, including  the perpetrators weapons, law enforcement, and other responsible citizens weapons.   The remainder of the course concentrates on tactics, techniques, and procedures the armed responsible citizen can use in defeating the active  killer and saving lives in the process. 

Equipment list

Rifle w/ sling and three magazines
Pistol w/ holster and three magazines or speed loaders
Rifle and pistol magazine pouches.
200 rounds of ammunition for each weapon system.
Cleaning gear
Ear and eye protection.
Work clothes (expect to get dirty).
Sturdy belt. 
Good shoes or boots.
Shooting gloves (optional)
Elbow and/or knee pads (optional)
Kaiser helmet (optional)
Water and snacks.
Lunch (can be purchased at the Dalton Country Store in advance through RFT).


RFT Basic Handgun or RFT Basic Concealed Carry or equivalent.

*  All citizens wanting to take this class must possess at the time of  their registration a valid concealed weapon carry permit from their  state of residence. If your state has no permit, then a  letter of reference from your local police chief stating your good  intentions and standing under the law will suffice. You are not  authorized to receive this training if you have prior felony  convictions, history of domestic violence, substance abuse, or mental  illness history. This is not an entry level class, prior firearm safety  training required. Individual exceptions may be allowed at the  discretion of the instructor.

How to Register and Pay

This is a private course. Contact us for pricing and to schedule a course.

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