Concealed Carry 1


Cost - $150

This full day course is held in the cabin and on the lower range.  Course will begin at 9am unless otherwise noted.  Students may bring their own lunch or place an order from the Dalton Country Store deli the morning of the course.  Those lunches will be brought to the range just prior to our break.

Equipment List

This equipment list applies to both courses with the noted exceptions.  Students should utilize their own firearms for this class.   Limited rentals are available (see link below).

Your concealed carry Pistol/Revolver (no race guns)

Back up weapon if applicable
Sturdy belt and concealment holster
Minimum 3 magazines, speed loaders with pouch
Round count: 400 CC1

                         500 CC2

Cleaning gear
Ear protection, eye protection (wrap around)
Water bottles / Hydration system
Sun Screen / Insect repellent
Comfortable and durable clothing (dress for the weather)
Concealment garment(s)

equipment rentals

Concealed Carry 1 - (CCW 1)

This is a  full day course designed for those students who want to carry concealed  but have little defensive handgun training.  The course will include  discussion on: mindset, equipment, on-body vs off-body carry, dressing  the part and legal  ramifications.  Classroom time is followed by live  fire training in the most rudimentary but essential engagement  techniques utilizing various concealed carry options. 

Concealed Carry 2 - (CCW 2)

This  course is designed for the more advanced shooter who can safely and  accurately employ their handgun concealed, but who wish to further their knowledge and skills. 


Defensive Handgun 1, or equivalent training

All  citizens wanting to take this class must possess at the time of their  registration a valid concealed weapon carry permit from their state of  residence. If your  state has no permit, then a letter of reference from your local police  chief stating your good intentions and standing under the law will  suffice. You are not authorized to receive this training if you have  prior felony convictions, history of domestic violence, substance abuse,  or mental illness history. This is not an entry level class, prior  firearm safety training required. Individual exceptions may be allowed  at the discretion of the instructor.

Register and Pay

Use the PayPal button below to make a deposit or payment in full.  You will receive a registration verification email within 48 hours.  


If you have a discount code please make a deposit then contact us to make the rest of the payment.  Students making a deposit must pay the remainder in full with cash the day of training.  

If you need to make arrangements for payment other than credit card, please contact us with the "contact" link above for payment and registration information.