Extended Range Carbine


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The  extended-range carbine course is designed for patrol officer or responsible civilian interested in getting the most out of his weapon system.  Weapons used should be what you would normally find inside a police cruiser, which is a mil-spec 11.5' to 16" AR or Ruger Mini 14 or  30. 

This course will teach you to make precision shots with your issue carbine at 25-100 yards, and K-zone shots at greater ranges.   This is a two day course with discussion on threat discrimination,  target recognition, proper equipment, best zero, and shot placement.   Practical application will include use of cover, use of improvised  supports, and precision shooting drills at various distances. 

Participants should utilize their own firearms for this course, limited equipment rentals available.

Rent equipment

Equipment List

Rifle w/ 3 magazines and sling
Handgun if desired w/ 3 magazines or 2 speed loaders
Sturdy belt and holster if using handgun
Magazine pouches for rifle and handgun
Round count: 600 rifle, 50 handgun
Cleaning gear
Compact Binoculars
Ear protection, eye protection (wrap around)
Comfortable and durable clothing (dress for the weather)
Water / Hydration system
Sun Screen / Insect repellent


Intro to Rifle, or equivalent training.  All  citizens wanting to take this class must possess at the time of their  registration a valid concealed weapon carry permit from their state of  residence. If your state has no permit, then a letter of  reference from your local police chief stating your good intentions and  standing under the law will suffice. You are not authorized to receive  this training if you have prior felony convictions, history of domestic  violence, substance abuse, or mental illness history.

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This is a private course.  Contact us for pricing and to schedule a course.

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