What to do when you get to the range


Leave weapons and ammo in your vehicle unless you're carrying a hand gun on your belt.  Seek out an Instructor to check in and find out how he or she wants to stage equipment.  Most of the time, you will be asked  to place your unloaded weapons on a loading table, facing away from the  range, slides open with chamber facing up.  At that point, no one is permitted on the muzzle side of the tables.  The Instructor will inspect weapons if necessary and tell you what the next procedures are. 

Rifle and Shotgun

At  no time are loaded long guns taken out of a vehicle.  You should not even arrive at the range with any loaded rifle or shotgun (it is against  NH law to travel with a loaded rifle or shotgun in a vehicle).  

Cardinal Rule of range safety: Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.

Remember  that there are other people at the range with you, and act accordingly  when removing weapons from or placing them back into your vehicle--ensure they are on safe, finger straight and off the trigger,  and pointed in a safe direction.