Hand to Hand Combatives

Guest instructor Benjamin Dewalt from OnSight Firearms Training

Benjamin DeWalt is the co-founder and senior instructor of OnSight Firearms Training.   Benjamin has been a life-long martial artist and firearms enthusiast, starting as a kid with long guns in western Pennsylvania. His accreditation's include various NRA instructor certifications, Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor certification, and Massachusetts State Police Certified Firearms Instructor. Benjamin has been  teaching martial arts and hand-to-hand self-defense since 2010.

Course details

This is a non-firearms class.  NO firearms or live ammo will be allowed in the classroom area.

Date - 8 April 2018

Location -  RizFit Gym in Lancaster NH

Time -  8am to 5pm

Cost  - $150

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Course focus

Basic hand to hand drills

Knife defense and attacks

Stick defense and attacks

Use of "improvised weapons"

Use of liquid based self defense tools

Firearms Retention and Disarms

Survival mindset

Situational awareness and street smarts


None - However, students should be able to move freely and semi quickly.  While there is no formal training required to attend this class, it is to be understood that this is a physical class involving movement.

Equipment List

Students should wear loose fitting athletic clothing

Fingernails and toenails should be well groomed

Please bring: one normal bath towel and one spare t-shirt and pants belt

Notebook with pen or pencil for note taking.

Refreshments and a light snack.

Humble, willing to learn attitude.

Payment and Registration

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Hand to Hand Combatives Registration and Payment