Home Defense Handgun


This is being offered as a private course only this year

RFT Home  Defense Handgun is a course bridging the gap between basic self defense and skill development training.  Course places emphasis on equipment  selection, tactics, use of cover, room clearing and entries, and  precision marksmanship to mitigate collateral damage.  This is a full day course  with a working lunch for discussions on castle law and other  considerations.   Course will cover the following

-Individual assessment
-Weapons safety

-Proper draw and presentation

-Proper reholstering

-Discuss and demonstrate proper equipment

-Fundamentals of pistol shooting:  Sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control

-Proper fighting stance

-Efficient grip

-Accuracy versus speed

-Weapons manipulation--Know your gun!

-Reloads--proactive and reactive

-Making yourself a hard target

-Proper situational awareness

-Proper prior planning...  in the home

-Choosing the right weapon for home defense
-Threat discrimination
-Room entries  

-Cover and concealment in the home

-Defensive positions
-Proper staging

-Safe rooms

-Calling for help

-Actions on contact

-The aftermath--what to do when the police arrive

-NH law and statutes

-Precision close-quarters shooting

-Scenario-based engagement

Looking for Home Defense Rifle or Shotgun?  Click on the link below.

Home Defense Long gun

Participants should utilize their own firearms for this course, limited equipment rentals available.

rent equipment

Equipment List

Sturdy belt and holster
Minimum 2 magazines, speed loaders
Magazine pouch
Round count: 300 - 350
Cleaning gear
Note taking material
Ear protection, eye protection (wrap around)
Water bottles / Hydration system
Sun Screen / Insect repellent
Comfortable and durable clothing (dress for the weather)
Concealment garment if desired


Intro to Handguns, or equivalent training.  Basic Handgun is highly recommended but not mandated.  All  citizens wanting to take this class must possess at the time of their registration a valid concealed weapon carry permit from their state of residence. If your state has no permit, then a letter of reference from your local police chief stating your good intentions and standing under the law will suffice.  You are not authorized to receive this training if you have prior felony convictions, history of domestic  violence, substance abuse, or mental illness history.

What to do when you get to the range

on the range

How to Register and Pay

This is currently only being offered as a private course.  Please contact us for more information.