Home Defense Rifle/Shotgun


This is being offered as a private course this year

This is a one  day course designed for civilian or LE personnel which focuses on the use of the shotgun in defense of one's home.  After a brief refresher on defensive shotgun techniques, this course concentrates on close quarters use of the shotgun including:  selection of weapon, selection of shot, house clearing and room clearing procedures, weapon retention,  and use of the shotgun as a striking weapon.  90% of the ammunition used  in this course will be light target loads.  Any gauge shotgun is acceptable, as are hunting or tactical shotguns.  The focus is to train  the home owner on whatever weapon is available, not just tactical  weapons.  Handguns are optional as a secondary weapon, so long as the  student has been through Basic Handgun.  

Equipment List

Rifle with a minimum of 3 magazines and sling
Magazine pouch
Hearing protection
Wrap-around eye protection
Comfortable and durable clothing
Cleaning gear
500 rounds rifle ammo
250 light target loads (birdshot or skeet loads)
10 rounds Buckshot
10 rounds slug
Handgun with 2 magazines, holster and mag pouch (optional)
Water bottles / Hydration system
Sun Screen / Insect repellent


Introduction to Shotgun.  Juvenile students will be admitted at the discretion of the Instructor. All  citizens wanting to take this class must possess at the time of their  registration a valid concealed weapon carry permit from their state of  residence. If your state has no permit, then a letter of  reference from your local police chief stating your good intentions and  standing under the law will suffice. You are not authorized to receive  this training if you have prior felony convictions, history of domestic  violence, substance abuse, or mental illness history.

What to do when you get to the range

on the range

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This course is currently being offered as private only.  Contact us for information and scheduling.