RFT Instructors

Jacques (Jake) Pelletier


Jake is a retired US Marine and combat Veteran with over 25 years experience in tactical shooting.  He is a graduate of the USMC High Risk Personnel  training course, a Distinguished Shooter, and previous Shooting Team Captain and coach. He has been involved in precision and tactical  shooting throughout his distinguished career, beginning with a tour as a  Presidential Security Guard at Camp David, Maryland, and culminating  with his assignment to 2d Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (2d ANGLICO)  prior to his retirement. He has seen action in Iraq, Afghanistan, and  Africa.
Aside from his military training, Jake is a graduate of Triple Canopy's  World-wide Personal Protection Services and Operations courses and was a  certified WPPS operator. He has attended civilian training at Front  Sight Firearms Training Institute, Rogers' Shooting School, Handgun  Combatives and the Sig-Sauer Academy. He is an NRA-certified RSO, Rifle,  Pistol, and Shotgun Instructor and a Sig-Sauer-certified Armorer,  Patrol Rifle, Pistol, Combat Shotgun, and Master Firearms Instructor, as  well as an Active Shooter Response Instructor.  He is a Revolver  Instructor, and a certified Glock Armorer.  Jake is a NHPSTC-certified  law enforcement firearms instructor, and has taught for the  International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors  (IALEFI) abroad.  He is a MLEFIAA-certified Designated Marksman, and is  licensed by the State of New Hampshire to conduct weapons qualifications  for armed security guards, private investigators, and bail enforcement  agents.  

Crystal Pelletier


Crystal  is a retired US Marine and a combat Veteran. She has over 20 years  experience in tactical shooting and firearms safety. She was a USMC  rifle and pistol expert and is a graduate of the USMC High Risk  Personnel training school. She has attended shooting courses at Front  Sight Firearms Training Institute and Sig-Sauer Academy. She is an NRA  certified Pistol and Home Firearm Safety Instructor and a Sig-Sauer  certified Armorer and Pistol Instructor.  Crystal is also a certified  Glock Armorer.