Scheduled Courses

The below list is the currently scheduled courses.  All courses will start at 9am unless otherwise noted on registration.  RFT reserves the right to cancel any scheduled course that does not meet minimum participation requirements.  Refunds will be issued or a new course scheduled for any canceled course.  If you don't see a course scheduled that you want, or can't make the course date we have, email us and we'll see what we can do!  If you know what course you want and which date, click on the link below to go to the course page to register and pay.


Schedule by Course name

Women's Intro to Handgun

12 May  (AM &PM full) 

9 June

7 July

11 August

Mixed Intro to Handgun

28 April  

10 June ( FULL)

26 August


Defensive Carbine  27 May (FULL)

Defensive Carbine 1/2 Day  24 June

Defensive Handgun

DH1 26 May (AM & PM  FULL)

         DH1 29 July

23 June AM DH2 - PM DH3 (Combined)

DH3  4 August 

Other Handgun

Know Your Gun 9 June 

Concealed Carry 1  25 August

Concealed Carry  2 9 September

Specialty Courses

Glock Operator  10 May

Revolver/BUG  12 July

1911 Operator  14 July

Bullets and Bandages  28 July

Alter Ego Rifle & Pistol  2 August

Couples/Team Handgun  22 September

Low Light Handgun  28 September (5pm)

Schedule by Month


28 April Mixed Intro to Handgun (AM & PM FULL)

10 May Glock Operator

12 May Women's Intro to Handgun (AM & PM FULL)

26 May Defensive Handgun 1 (AM & PM FULL)

27 May Defensive Carbine (FULL)


9 June  Women's Intro to Handgun

9 June  Know Your Gun

10 June  Mixed Intro to Handgun (FULL)

23 June  Defensive Handgun 2 & 3

24 June  Defensive Carbine 1/2 Day


7 July  Women's Intro to Handgun

12 July  Revolver/BUG

14 July  1911 Operators Course

28 July  Bullets and Bandages

29 July  Defensive Handgun 1


2 August  Alter Ego rifle/pistol

4 August  Defensive Handgun 3

11 August  Women's Intro to Handgun

25 August  Concealed Carry 1

26 August Mixed Intro to Handgun


9 September Concealed Carry 2

22 September  Couples/Team Handgun

28 September  Low Light Handgun (5pm)