Tina Perrone

Tina was a trooper with the Connecticut State Police for 29 years. She spent 12 years as a Patrol Trooper in motor vehicle and criminal investigations, over 4 years as a Patrol K9 Handler (protection, human tracking, and evidence recovery), and 9 years as a Detective with the Central District Major Crime Squad.

She spent 4 years as the core Criminal Investigations Instructor for the CSP Academy. She was also an assistant Safety and Survival Instructor and was certified to teach Taser, Baton, Handcuffing, OC Spray, LOCKUP and Defensive Tactics. Tina is also a Simunition Scenario Instructor, an Active Shooter Instructor, and Field Training Officer. For 4 years she was a full time firearms instructor for the CSP Firearms Unit in pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  She is a P.O.S.T.C. certified instructor in all of the above and an NESPAC certified instructor in Baton, Handcuffing, and OC Spray.

During her time with the CSP, Tina received various medals and awards, which include: 2 medals for Meritorious Service, 2 Unit Citation medals, 1 CSP Commissioner's Recognition Award, and the Connecticut Association of Women Police Leadership Award (2010).

Tina has 35 years of martial arts experience and is a black belt 1st degree in Tae Kwon Do, which has helped her in becoming certified as a Krav Maga Instructor, as well as an instructor for Women’s Self Defense.

She is also certified as an NRA Pistol Instructor.

Course Details (2 separate one day courses)


These courses will be held at The Lancaster Motel  112 Main Street Lancaster, NH.  Go in the front entrance and follow the signs.

Courses will begin at 9am.

Course description

Tina will teach the students Krav Maga, a streamlined self-defense tactics system that focuses on eliminating a threat in the safest and quickest way.  It is a tactical and logical approach to dealing with violent confrontations. This self-defense system is not a martial art. It does not focus on the artistry of movement, but the swift action that will destabilize opponents immediately.  This course will consist of the following:

  • Threat recognition and situational awareness
  • Defensive stance and movement
  • Basic hand combatives (punches, palm heel, hammer fist, elbow)
  • Basic leg combatives (groin, vertical, knees, stomp kicks)
  • Defense against choke holds, bear hug, headlock and arm bar attacks (front and rear)
  • Wrist grab defense
  • Defense from a ground attack
  • Defense from strike attacks
  • Striking drills


  • Athletic clothing
  • Clean athletic/gym shoes (no boots or hard sole shoes)
  • Hydration, water bottle
  • Lunch (there will be approximately 1 hour for a lunch break)


None. Moderate level of physical ability. No pre-existing physical conditions that prevent the student from performing physical activities.