Survivor Rifle


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This  course is designed for perspective travelers or those who choose to  expect the unexpected.  The intent is to familiarize the student with a  variety of representative rifles through classroom discussion and  practical application.  These rifles may be tactical in nature, or  commonly encountered hunting weapons.  By the end of the course,  shooters will have to qualify on three different weapons that they have  never encountered before, clearing a malfunction, loading the weapon,  and accurately engaging targets. 

This is a one day course beginning with three hours of classroom and practical application time in the morning, followed by lunch, and then more practical application and live fire in the afternoon.  The course ends with a qualification  phase where the shooters will have to prove what they have learned under  time constraints in order to earn their certificate. 

RFT provides all materials for the course of instruction, including weapons, ammo, and handouts.

Bring a lunch, snacks, water.  Lunch can be purchased at the Dalton Country Store through RFT if desired.


RFT Introduction to Rifle or equivalent.

*  All citizens wanting to take this class must possess at the time of  their registration a valid concealed weapon carry permit from their  state of residence. If your state has no permit, then a  letter of reference from your local police chief stating your good  intentions and standing under the law will suffice. You are not  authorized to receive this training if you have prior felony  convictions, history of domestic violence, substance abuse, or mental  illness history. This is not an entry level class, prior firearm safety  training required. Individual exceptions may be allowed at the  discretion of the instructor.

How to Register and Pay

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