Wayne R Urso

Thank you for  a wonderful class yesterday.  It was a genuine pleasure meeting Jake.   He is unquestionably a very accomplished, high-level instructor who has  many years of practical and competitive shooting experience and teaching  skills.  He has obviously trained with the very best of the best, and  he himself is quite obviously the very best of the best.
Jake quickly  assesses the skill level of the student, and tailors his training for  that student so that at the end of training, the student is a better  shooter and has a myriad of techniques that, with practice, will ensure  that the student becomes a better more accurate shooter.  He is  obviously well focused on all aspects of shooting including the most  important aspect, safety.
My only regret is that I did not get to  meet Crystal.  We exchanged numerous e- mails prior to the class, she  was always excellent in her accuracy and communication skills and it was  always a pleasure to communicate with her.  All in all, after looking  at all qualities of your training, it is very clear to me that the north  country is very lucky to have such high level training readily  available that is provided at a very low price by outstanding, talented  and skillful individuals.
I will not hesitate to recommend you folks to anyone looking for training.
Best Regards,    Wayne R. Urso

Max Dubois

When  preparing for Master Firearms Instructor certification I wanted to some  "advanced" coaching, I chose Jake and Crystal at Raven. Their massive  experience, technical knowledge and excellent coaching methods are  second to none, anywhere. As an experienced firearms instructor I will  continue to visit Raven to learn and enjoy the experience these great  guys provide, I highly recommend that you do too.

Russell Jenkins

I can’t  recommend Raven Firearms Training highly enough.  I went with my wife,  mother, brother, cousin, and a buddy, novices all.
Jake and Crystal  showed us the ropes, starting with a briefing on the types of weapons  we’d be using, moving on to best practices regarding safe handling and  muzzle direction awareness.  If there is one facet of the Pelletiers’  approach to firearms instruction that stands out, it’s their total  commitment to safety. They are very aware of what their students are  doing and how they’re doing it, which, as a newbie, put me completely at  ease. These two are pro’s pros.
All  that said, for all their seriousness, they share a great sense of humor  and they make the entire process a blast (no pun intended). We engaged  in a wide variety of shooting exercises that, while emphasizing the very  basics of gun handling and marksmanship, never descended into tedium.
They  are also super helpful above and beyond: when my wife’s Ruger .22  started jamming, Crystal put it through its paces, testing it with  magazines of her own. They agreed to contact Ruger and handle the return  for factory servicing on our behalf.
I swear, I feel like I’ve made friends for life, and I truly hope that’s the case.
Seriously, I cannot wait to go shooting with them again and I know my family feels the same way.

Deanna Emmons

Just got  home from taking the Women's Intro to Handguns course. I loved it. As  someone who has no experience around guns Crystal could not have made my  sister and I feel more comfortable and secure. I have found a new hobby  and will probably be taking more courses soon I hope.

Nancy Brannen

I went to  the Women's Intro To Handguns Training yesterday. It was fantastic! I  can't wait to go back! Crystal and the rest of the instructors are  patient and knowledgeable. It was a wonderful experience! Thanks!

Kristyna Sullivan

I highly  recommend the women's intro to handguns class for any female with  minimal to no experience with handguns! Crystal is an excellent  instructor with knowledge and professionalism that makes you feel  empowered and educated when it comes to handgun use. I no longer feel  uncomfortable with guns and have a good working knowledge of pistols, it  was a good working environment and open to questions.

Sonya Clark

Great  Introduction to Handguns class!  so grateful there is a class for a  person like myself who has never been comfortable around firearms.   Instructor was clear and patient and provided instruction that helped  build my confidence.  Thanks for everything!  I learned so much today!

Allison Gaulin

HIGHLY  recommend.  I took a private 4 hour Self Defense Skills A class with  Crystal today.  She has a fantastic gift for teaching- I had some  training issues that she identified and helped me to work towards fixing  and she did it with the perfect balance of encouragement and straight  talk.  Having just finished the Basic Handgun Skills class with Sig  Sauer Academy I expected to train with Raven in between SS classes, but  after today Raven will become my main school.  I felt I got even more  out of her 4 hour class than I did in an 8 hour class with SS and I  learned a lot in that class as well so it is saying a lot.  Very  impressed and can't wait for my next class.

Troy D.

If  anyone seeks to truly understand what it takes to properly protect  oneself and one’s family, I strongly recommend training with Jake  Pelletier.  I was honored to have him as a partner in a class, and  witnessed his abilities firsthand alongside one of the best instructors  around.
I met Jake Pelletier in the cleaning room at the Sig Sauer  Academy and we enjoyed quality discussions.  I was intrigued by his  philosophy and felt a need to “try out” this instructor.  I was struck  with how Jake began the instruction: disassembling and cleaning the  weapon – at that time an AR.  He was insistent one commence an  introduction to the weapon by cleaning the weapon.  What better way? 
Later  that day, Jake conducted drills and I was mesmerized by his veritable  ambidexterity with a rifle; seemingly instinctual, yet he articulated  the how and why being ambidextrous with any weapon system is vital. 
There are many well-qualified instructors, yet at Raven they live it, day-in and day-out. 

R. Cotnoir

Crystal  at Raven Firearms Training set up a 1 on 1 pistol class for my 13 year  old daughter this week.  I can't say enough about how accommodating,  professional and safe Crystal was with arranging and conducting the  class.  Her down to earth approach and friendly personality made us feel  very comfortable.  Crystal knows her subject matter thoroughly and  presents it in manageable steps.  It was obvious she was gauging my  daughter's progress and would only advance when she felt that "all the  building blocks were in a row".  There was a large selection of pistols  and revolvers to try out.  This would help someone in deciding what  direction to go if purchasing a handgun, as well as expanding one's  knowledge of what is available to modern shooters.  The range facilities  were clean and well maintained.  Even the picnic tables adorned with  military olive drab paint and RFT logo were spiffy and clean.  Nice  touch!
When finances allow, I will be back for some instruction  myself.  Hopefully I will get a chance to meet Jake.  Crystal and Jake  have put together a quality product.  We are very fortunate to have  instruction of this caliber (pun intended) available to us here in the  North Country.  The low rates they charge make it affordable for the  average person.  If anybody is thinking about taking a firearms  safety/skills course, this is the place.  You will not regret the  investment. 
As former U.S. Marines, I want to thank Jake and Crystal  for their service to our Country.  This is one business that local  communities will be happy to support.  Keep up the great work.

Cpl Brad Willey - Lancaster PD

Great  day at the range today! "If it ain't raining, we ain't training", was  the mindset of today's evolution. As a OIF veteran and veteran police  officer, I highly recommend Raven Firearms Training as I have been able  to sharpen my skills and learn new skills. "Si vis pacem para bellum",  RLTW!

V. Jenkins

I  registered for the intro class because I wanted to learn how to use a  gun and feel safe around them.  I learned more in one class than I could  have imagined.  The class was small and personal which made everyone  able to describe what they were looking to get out of the class.   Crystal (our instructor) was knowledgeable, professional and patient  with us (no such thing as a stupid question kind of patient).  I was  able to shoot several different types of guns which allowed me to know  which ones I felt most comfortable with and would want to purchase in  the future.  If you are looking for a course that starts from scratch go  to the Intro Course at Raven Firearms Training.  I can tell you that I  will be taking many of the other courses that they offer.

Sue Beaghan

My  training experience was great! Crystal was the ultimate professional.  Extremely patient, made me feel comfortable despite my lack of knowledge  and experience. Well worth it!!!! Raven firearm rocks! thanks.  

Angela Hawkins

Had a great experience. Highly recommend.

Kim Johnson

Learned a lot and really enjoyed the Women's Handgun course on May 4th!

Sandy D.

Thank you  for the wonderful one-on-one handgun training yesterday. What a  productive and informative session! You obviously have a tremendously  high level of expertise and experience with handguns and with  instructional methods. Even though I have handled firearms in the past I  was not comfortable with my handgun abilities. Your teaching style and  patience improved my skills and confidence a lot. I really appreciate  the emphasis on safety, too! I am looking forward to bringing my  daughters for your training in the future.  Many thanks again.  

Cynthia Butler

I am a woman  71 years old.  Never fired a firearm before.  In fact I was very afraid  of them.  Crystal and Jake were so ultimately professional and so  extremely patient they made me comfortable despite my lack of knowledge  and inexperience.  Safety was always top priority.  I would highly  recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn about gun safety and  to become more comfortable around them.  This is so very important for  women of all ages.  Thank you Crystal and Jake

Mary C.

Raven  Firearms Training is, in a word, excellent. I went into the intro to  handgun class with no background knowledge.  I am amazed at all that I  was able to learn in the span of a four hours.  Crystal was  knowledgeable, patient, and thorough in her presentation of the  material.  Safety was stressed.  All the instructors were extremely  helpful in the shooting part of the course.  I came away feeling  confident in the basic skills I learned, with a desire to learn more.   The level of expertise of these instructors was evident.  I highly  recommend Raven Firearms Training!