Women's Courses

Women's Introduction to Handgun

More and more women are purchasing handguns than ever.  Firearms, especially handguns, has been almost strictly a "boys club" for a long time.  That is changing thanks to an ever dangerous world we are living in where women don't feel safe.  RFT offers a Womens-only Intro to Handgun course that is taught by a certified woman instructor in a stress free, safe but relaxed environment.  You will learn the basics of handguns and ammo, how the guns operate, how to fit a gun to your hand, proper grip, stance and much more.  You will be able to shoot a variety of handguns in varying calibers to help you decide which gun is the right one for your situation.

Self Defense

RFT teaches you had to defend yourself with a firearm, but what if you don't have one?  We recognize that not everyone is able or willing to carry a firearm to protect themselves at all times.  For that reason, RFT has teamed up with certified Self Defense instructors for courses that are meant to teach you how to protect yourself when there isn't a gun around.

Groups Welcome!

Got a group of friends or family (or both) that you want to spend a day doing some great training with?  Give us a call, we love having groups of ladies who all know each other enjoying a day learning a life skill.